Jewster reinvests 20% of all subscriptions into community projects!

Part of our goal at Jewster is to support new innovation in the Jewish community. Therefore our initial goal is to give away 20% of gross subscription proceeds to new Jewish initiatives that are seeking funding and support. These donations are not grants, they essentially are complete gifts that do not have to be paid back in any way. There are no strings attached to the money and there are no obligation attached to these monetary gifts. If subscribers think your project should get the donation, then you get the donations.

What it offers

The Jewster Funding Program offers a unique residual funding stream for your project by being part of our Jewish communal ecosystem. Unlike affiliate programs in which you may get paid once if a subscriber signs up or makes a purchase, in the Jewster Funding Program you become part of an ongoing symbiotic relationship in which your referral will continually donate towards your project for the duration they are part of the community. The proceeds are therefore residual and cumulative while you participate in the program.

How it works

Jewster will offer the ability to participate in the Jewster Funding Program to selected projects that have submitted their details to our site, have agreed to create a lasting longstanding reciprocal relationship with us, and have passed our vetting process.

Donations will be controlled by the subscribers of Jewster. When a member subscribes to Jewster they will be given the opportunity to chose where they want a portion of that subscription to be donated. Once a project is approved, the project will be listed on the Jewster website and will be available for subscribers to choose as the beneficiary of their subscription.

All funding will be decided donation by donation by each respective subscriber of Jewster. will decide which projects will be allowed into the program. All funding will be decided by the subscribers of Jewster.


Donations will be sent out by Jewster to the project in the form of electronic payments or by check in $100 increments.


The Jewster Funding program is open to individuals, companies, and organizations. It is open to anyone with a functional project that is running and has a website where people can get detailed information about the initiative.

  • We do not require you to be a non-profit.
  • We do not require you to be a company.
  • We do require that you have a project that helps promote good in some fashion and has a positive impact on your community or the world around you.
  • We do require that your vision and idea is sustainable and the money will help you move your project forward.
  • We do require that you outright support Jewster as a source of support in published material about your project.
  • We do require that you link directly to with a banner on the main page of the website for your project and with a small button or image on every page of your website.